We help businesses appear in search results on local and foreign markets

Search Engine Optimization:

Domains — we buy local domains for your website (ccTLDs)

Translation — we translate your content using AI (DeepL)

Meta tags — we use different tags to make sure your website is seen by local search engines (ogp.me, schema.org, and others)

Link-building — we link different versions of your website so they promote each other

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Keep your time

We'll do everything turnkey, all you have to do is get the result

Translation into 50+ languages

Easy to use, no need for technical background

Personalizing features

If you don’t like the translation provided, edit it

24/7 customer service

If you have problems, we are always here for you

Monthly plans



AI translations up to 3 languages

SEO Metatags

Area personalisation

Bot protection

Best for small websites



Everything from “Start” and

AI translations up to 6 languages

Up to 3 local domains

Link building



Everything from “Essential” and

AI translations up to 10 languages

Up to 6 local domains

Super bot protection

Best for growing companies



Olia Nayda


Aleksei Dolgikh

Aleksei Dolgikh

CVO Scout VC, Engineer

Harshit Saini

Harshit Saini


Oleg Levitas

Oleg Levitas

Chief Guru of Pravda SEO

Murad Adamov

Murad Adamov

CFO, Investment & Financing

Pavel Petrov

Pavel Petrov

UI Developer, Serverless

Roman Fisenko

Roman Fisenko

Financial manager

Alena Korsunova

Alena Korsunova

Product Designer

Ivan Ushmorov

Ivan Ushmorov

Digital product developer, Serverless

Mirzabeg Vagabov

Mirzabeg Vagabov

Mobile Developer (iOS)